Dicaffeine Dicaffeine

What is Dicaffeine?

Dicaffeine is an NDI player and NDI/RTMP streamer for the two Linux distributions - Raspberry Pi OS (previously called Raspbian) on Raspberry ARM computers and Ubuntu (Xubuntu) on AMD/Intel computers.

The software is distributed for free, but I will appreciate any donations that support the future development.

Streamer supports the classic NDI and RTMP.

Player supports the classic NDI, NDI|HX and restreaming via RTMP.

What is it for:

  • NDI playback + autostart option after boot.
  • NDI streaming + autostart option after boot:
    • for the USB UVC web cameras/grabbers and some Raspberry CSI cameras
    • for the virtual devices - Dicaffeine can stream media files, images, generated text or just grab the actual screen
      • folder “Dicaffeine” is created in your home to store images/fonts/media/records files
  • Remote configuration via browser on device IP address.
  • Setting network address (static or DHCP, only on Raspberry).
  • PTZ camera control (including experimental support for joysticks).
  • Multistream view, multi display outputs support, display resolution and rotation settings.
  • REST simple API support - starting and stopping playback.
  • RTMP support for live streaming NDI or other sources to services like YouTube / FB / Vimeo…
  • File export for saving the NDI streams or other sources as H264 media files.
  • Live web stream preview.

Check the changelog for detailed description.

Actual note:

Are you experienced in 3D modeling? I am going to extend the Dicaffeine about a PTZ camera support - the idea is to use the Waveshare stepper motor HAT to control two stepper motors driving the pan and tilt of the USB camera. Let me know on the email dicaffeine@melnikoff.org, thanks!

Live examples:

So it's still only a beta version?

Yes! And probably will be for a long time. There are many different OS and HW versions and it is not easy to say that this software is ready for the production. Probably it will work for you, but I won't promise you anything. :)

Where can I report issues?

There is a Dicaffeine project page on Github, please report any issues there.

Support the development

Dicaffeine is a free software (mostly open source), but I will appreciate any donations. :-) Thanks!