Dicaffeine Dicaffeine


Raspberry Pi OS (32/64-bit) with desktop based on Debian Bullseye Raspbian:

wget -O - http://dicaffeine.com/repository/dicaffeine.key | sudo apt-key add -

echo "deb https://dicaffeine.com/repository/ bullseye main non-free" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/dicaffeine.list

sudo apt update

sudo apt install -y dicaffeine


If web update is not working, you can try update manually using the console commands:

sudo apt update

sudo apt upgrade -y

sudo reboot

Beta version for Raspberry 4/5 with 64bit Debian Bookworm

:!: Because of the changes in the latest release Raspberry Pi OS, some features not working yet :!:

  • Advanced mode with multiple displays & screen rotation
  • Network setup can cause problems
  • WIP - be careful


sudo dpkg -i yuri2-2.8.0-1578-Debian-12-Linux.deb 
sudo apt install --fix-broken -y
sudo dpkg -i dicaffeine-0.7.0-Linux.deb 
sudo apt install --fix-broken -y
sudo apt install libjsoncpp25 
  • Download and install the NDI5 libraries, in terminal do:
dicaffeine_get_ndi5 install aarch64-rpi4-linux-gnueabi
  • Change the default sound backend to pulseaudio, in teminal run:
sudo raspi-config

and in 6 Advanced OptionsA7 Audio Config change configuration to PulseAudio.


  • yuri2-2.8.0-1578, dicaffeine-0.7.0
    • added limited support for new Debian bookworm release & Raspberry 5