Dicaffeine Dicaffeine

Ubuntu 22.04 (64-bit) - Jammy

All Ubuntu LTS 22.04 on Intel/AMD (codename Jammy Jellyfish) distributions should be supported, prefered variant is Xubuntu.


# Go to the Downloads directory
cd ~/Downloads 
# Install the packages (replace xxx with the current version)
sudo apt install ./pistache-xxx.deb -y
sudo apt install ./yuri2-2.8.0-xxx.deb -y
sudo apt install ./dicaffeine-xxx.deb -y
# Download and install the NDI5 libraries
dicaffeine_get_ndi5 install x86_64-linux-gnu


:!: User has to be in the sudo group, if sudo command is not working, please add the user to the sudo group and log off and log in again:

usermod -aG sudo <username>


Please refer to: Changelog.