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Yuri2 is a complete framework for video/audio processing, in Dicaffeine we're using just a few modules. You can use Yuri2 directly from the command line.

Basic commands

Display all NDI sources found on the network
yuri2 -I ndi_input
Display all options for ndi_input module
yuri2 -L ndi_input 
Display all options for glx_window module
yuri2 -L glx_window 
Display all available modules
yuri2 -l

Display/stream NDI etc.

Display selected NDI source
yuri_simple ndi_input[stream="<stream_name>"] glx_window


yuri_simple ndi_input[stream="<stream_name>"] sdl_window


yuri_simple ndi_input[stream="<stream_name>"] sdl2_window
Stream webcam to NDI
yuri_simple v4l2source[path=/dev/video0,resolution=1920x1080,format=mjpeg] convert[format=rgba32] ndi_output[stream="Dicaffeine"]